Cats & Dogs: There are around 66 million owned cats and 60 million owned dogs within the European Union. For many of us dogs and cats are valued members of our families that are loved and cared for, that provide companionship and even assistance.

Sadly, they are still seen by too many as purely a source of income, being used only for breeding or commercial trading. We work to guarantee a safe, secure environment for all cats and dogs – domesticated and wild – where each and every one is respected and prospers within their own environment. Eurogroup for Animals has identified the following policy goals on which to focus in the period 2014-2016.

Transparency of breeders and sellers

Greater transparency of breeding and selling establishments is a crucial pillar for cat and dog traceability. By bringing such establishments into the light, it would also allow for greater regulation at national level, and would help to tackle both the source and supply of illegal trade in pets. Download our briefing.

Stray dogs and feral cats

As we strive to build a Europe that cares for animals, we believe that there are better ways to manage and protect those animals which are not domesticated, and believe that is our duty to do what we can to influence the situation at the European level. Download our briefing.

Responsible ownership

Welfare standards vary widely between breeders of cats and dogs across the EU. This has a huge potential impact both on the animals themselves and the consumers who buy cats and dogs as pets. For instance, poor breeding practices have been highlighted as producing puppies which are both physically and behaviourally unsound. Download our briefing.

Pet traceability

Eurogroup for Animals is convinced that the only way to stop the cruel illegal trade in pets, and to best guarantee the safety, health and welfare of owners and animals alike is to have mandatory national systems of identification and registration, which are harmonised across the Union. Download our briefing.

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Posted on 7th September 2015 in News

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